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Akibat Menentang PAS

Date: 08 Sep 1999
Time: 02:06:43
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Perkara ini terjadi oleh kerana tiada lagi keberkatan dalam parti ini selepas keluar dari PAS.

Mereka bertelagah kerana mahu buat duit dari UMNO untuk pilihanraya akan datang seperti Parti Bersekutu di Sabah.

Pas Baru akan menerima nasib yang serupa sekiranya mereka mengikut cara ini.

============================================================================================================================== Akim EGM turns into 'exclude group' match

By K. Suthakar

KOTA BARU: The extraordinary general meeting of Parti Angkatan Keadilan Ihsan Malaysia (Akim), a PAS splinter party, turned unruly yesterday when one group barred another from attending the meeting at Dewan Perkumpulan Perempuan in Jalan Mahmood here.

One group, headed by acting president Mohd Din Nizam Din, prevented another group headed by deputy president Mohamad Yusoff from entering the hall, claiming they were not members.

Several detectives had to intervene to end the commotion, which attracted a large crowd of onlookers.

Once inside the hall, the two groups vented their anger by pushing chairs aside to prevent their opponents from sitting.

Mohd Din told reporters that he refused to allow the other group to enter as they were not members.

"I have sacked Mohamad and several others so they can't attend the EGM," he said.

He said the EGM would be held again on Nov 25 but the venue had not been decided.

Mohamad later held a separate meeting in a hotel opposite the venue and was elected "president."

"My supporters were prevented from attending the meeting, which was called by party secretary-general Seman Jaffar, as they don't want me to contest for the president's post," he said.

Akim was formed in 1995 by former PAS Pasir Puteh division chief Musa Salleh who was president till he died last February.

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